The IMF has received requests emergency financing from 103 countries

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Kristalina Georgieva

International Monetary Fund / Flickr

The international monetary Fund (IMF) has received requests for emergency financial assistance from 103 countries, and the Fund’s Executive Board will consider about half of these requests by the end of this month, said the managing Director of the IMF Kristalina Georgieva.

This year, 170 countries will face a decline in income per capita, says Georgieva in blog on the IMF website. However, several months ago, the Fund predicted that 160 world economies will record growth, reports “Interfax”.

The IMF said earlier this month that the coronavirus pandemic, the extent of whose consequences are still unclear, have put the global economy on the brink of a very major crisis in almost a century.

Last week the Foundation published a review of the world economy (World Economic Outlook: The Great Lockdown), according to which the world economy in 2020 will fall by 3%. The decline in the economy as a result of the situation with coronavirus and national measures to curb its spread awaits this year many States, as mentioned in the review.

According to Georgieva, governments worldwide have taken unprecedented steps to combat the pandemic coronavirus. Budget measures currently comprise about 8 trillion dollars. The Central banks went on the scale, and in some cases unlimited injections of liquidity.

In March Georgieva announced that the IMF is ready to allocate $ 1 trillion for loans to assist countries in the fight against coronavirus.

The crisis will deprive of work of 200 million people

The global economic crisis will lead to a significant increase in unemployment, warn the participants of the International trade Union Confederation (ITUC).

“According to forecasts, will lose 200 million jobs,” – said in a statement MKP, posted Monday on the website of the Federation of independent trade unions of Russia, member of the international trade Union Association.

The Inc believe that “the crisis has cruelly exposed the inadequacy of the model of globalization that was imposed on the workers.” “The public health system was weakened by the austerity measures and the restriction of workers’ rights left unprotected for countless millions of workers,” explains the trade Union Confederation.

They added that they “condemn corporate predators seeking to profit from the crisis.” “We demand that all companies, not in words, but in fact respect the rights of workers. We reaffirm our commitment to fight the right-wing forces not to allow them to cash in on this crisis continue to undermine democracy and human rights”, – noted in MCP.

The unions said that about 3 billion workers in the world were in a difficult situation because COVID-19. “While the States are struggling with the pandemic of coronavirus, complete or partial closure of enterprises affected more than four out of every five workers, or 81% of the total number of employees in the world, equal to 3.3 billion people,” – said in a joint statement, the Federation of independent trade unions of Russia (FNPR) and the four major trade Union centres affiliated to the International Confederation of labour (ICB).