Recently Murat from Turkey arrived sister.
Murat is going through a divorce / InstagramМуж singer Ani Lorak Murat Nalchajian with which the star she is in the throes of that period in my life.

This is evidenced by photos and quotes, which the businessman shares the stories of his Instagram.

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So, Murat from Turkey arrived sister. Nalchajian filed it as if a relative came to see him, but alert the users immediately assumed that the woman decided to support him in difficult times, writes “Today”.

Sister Murat posted in photoblog image. In addition still the lawful husband of Ani Lorak pretends that all is well and that at the moment he is busy preparing for celebrating the new year at his restaurant in Kiev.

In addition, Murat has posted in stories associated with a few quotes. One of them says: “I am me. And do not compare me with others.” The second, in which was discussed that all will be well, Nalchajian later removed.

As reported in the Shevchenko district court of Kiev began consideration of the claim of Ani Lorak divorce with Murat Nalchajian.