Kharkiv have already appreciated the new decoration of the city
In Kharkov there is a new meeting place under the Thermometer / photoЮрий Traveler

The thermometer is in the center of Kharkov there was a competitor. At the end of the high-rise buildings along the street gritsevtsa, 44 erected a huge mural with a real thermometer. Near scale with sub-zero temperatures depicted penguins and ice, and near zero — the elephant and the Savannah.

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According to the participants Facebook community Kharkiv LIVE, the thermometer in the middle emblazoned with graffiti. It shows the temperature from -35 to +45°C. In the evening a column is lit.

Over the art object mounted electronic clock.

The authors of the mural are members of the art group Soul and work on the design of the mural still in progress.

It should be noted that Kharkov inhabitants have appreciated the new decoration of the city and admitted that the night the thermometer looks “amazing.”

In Kharkov there are new huge thermometer with clock / photo Kharkov City