Photos of Himalayan snow leopard showed miracles of disguise

After spending 6 hours in ambush, photographers took incredible rare footage of hunting leopards the blue sheep


Photographer from Australia Inger L. vandycke went to the Himalayas and shot hunting of snow leopards the blue sheep, or nacharov. It is reported by Popular mechanics.

Pictures taken before the predator jumped out of the ambush, help you understand why I consider it such an elusive leopards. They are very good at hiding. You see the big cat in this photo? No? And it is.

Invisible leopard
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The snow leopard is a very rare animal. They live singly, occur in pairs only during mating season, each leopard hunts a large territory, which the other leopards I try not to go, so the nature of them. In addition, the residents of the regions inhabited by leopards, are often forced to make the sale of hunting trophies. Skin snow leopard is expensive, land in the mountains to cultivate hard, the economy is shaky, so the already rare leopards get poached. Everything in the world has from 4 to 6 thousand leopards.

To remove the rare cats, L. vandycke held in the mountains for 17 days. It was cold day liter flask of water in an hour had time to freeze through. But the expedition was lucky they found the leopards and watched as they play, mate and mark territory.

And one day, after a six-hour ambush, photographers took incredible rare footage of hunting leopards the blue sheep. Looking at the pictures, Inger found that they perfectly illustrate the ability of leopards to camouflage in the mountains. One of those shots she published on Twitter with the caption “that’s crazy. Find bars”.

Visible leopard