Skenderbeu – Dynamo – 3:2

Goals: Liley (18), Adeniyi (53), Owl (56) – Tsygankov (16), Rusin (90+1).

Skenderbeu: Shehi, Vangheli, Radach, Aliti, Mitzi, Muzak, Osmani (Nimaga, 69), Liley, Gavasai (Tuck, 72), Owl, Adeniyi.

Dynamo: Bowen, KENDZERA (Rusin, 71), Khacheridi, Kadar, Pivaric Morozyuk Korzun (Shaparenko, 60), Shepelev, Tsygankov, Besedin, Moraes.

Referee: Drachta (Austria).

Warning: Radach (77), Adeniyi (90+2) – Busan (90+3).

The nickname of the current leader of the Albanian football is “Snow Wolves” – could be highly relevant given that native for Skënderbeu korçë during the day before the match, the snow fell. However Elbasan, where the red-and-white play their home matches of the Europa League, pleased with almost Indian summer.

The fans do not shut them UEFA stadium due to suspension, it would be very comfortable to observe how their Pets are trying to compete for one of the group trips to the playoffs. Another booked for a Dynamo, winning in the previous round of the “young boys”. Early solution of the problem does not change the job is to play to win. Although it was a good background with a series of injuries.

On the other hand, the forced rotation given mentors Kiev the opportunity to see good responsible match of the reserve team. In the application were young Rusin, Shaparenko and Docile, and Mikolenko already tried your hand at “basis”. In the end, Nazar Rusina, just a month ago celebrated its 19th anniversary, you can congratulate not only debut, but also with opening the scoring account.

And in the first goal for “Dinamo” the lion’s share of the credit belonged to besedino that is paired with Morais replaced remaining in Kiev Mbokani. Artem continued a fast counterattack started by Pimaricin, “shaking” of the guardian and supplying ball Tsygankov. He found Morozyuk and after a moment received the reverse pass, before the empty goal. Thus a full participant combination was Moraes, divert the attention of defenders. Everything was played like clockwork!

Joy white-blue turned out short. Soon Lilei dared to strike from a distance and was rewarded. Rebound from Khacheridi ball flew into the net – Bowen was powerless to help the team.

Further developments have highlighted a certain illogicality that goal. Dynamo, as befits a favorite pair and team leader, confident “led” the game by giving the opponent a handicap to the speed and skill, and coherence. Of course, all this is leading to dangerous moments at the gate of the Albanians.

So, their only defender in a desperate dive head hit the ball after hitting Morozyuk. Moraes, doing “scissors” a La Griezmann against Roma, rattled the crossbar and a few minutes earlier on some centimeters atonement for the offside, and the goal, the referee canceled.

It seemed that after the break Vice-Champions of Ukraine, this advantage will materialize. However, next came the owners. In the final stage of a free-kick effectively worked African a bunch of “Skenderbeu”: Gambian Owl horse won the fight and threw the ball to the Nigerian, Adeniyi. Unlike the position “outside the game” Moraes, this time the judges, as witnessed repeated, openly slept through the offside.

After a few minutes has distinguished himself Owl, great pass cut off from the Dynamo defenders. The script of the Kiev match repeated one to one, and in this case decisive was the starting period of the second half.

Whatever you say, but the motivation in modern football – a great thing. Especially in the tight schedule of fighting on several fronts, and even with a full infirmary. And all the same questions to the character who went to Albania Dynamo could not arise. In order to rectify the situation, was still more than half an hour of game time. Moments created during this period in the first half, perhaps, would be enough not only for a draw.

Alas, to repeat the Belgrade stunt wards Khatskevich not lucky enough. Even regaining territorial advantage and aggressively attacking until the last minute (Kadar lacked quite a bit to even the score), they have only once managed to crack defensive redoubts of owners. Those, by the way, the victory did not give anything, except moral satisfaction and reward, as in a parallel match “Partizan”, won the “young boys”, has secured at least second place in the Quartet. The remaining meeting in Kiev will be for Partizan and Dynamo battle for leadership…

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