The head of Ukrposhta promised to turn off self-service banking terminalsPhoto: 112 Ukraine

For allegedly distributing fake

10.12.18 610000

Director General “Ukrpochta” Igor Smelyansky has promised to disconnect all the terminals of “PrivatBank” in the network of public joint stock companies, if not stop the spread of false information.

About this he wrote in Facebook.

According to Smelyansky, in the city of Chernivtsi were ads claiming to be from “PrivatBank” with a call to open an account in a financial institution, because “Ukrposhta” stops the delivery of pensions.

“Dear Privat! The battle for the customer is sometimes severe. But such methods in a decent society is inadmissible. We’ll catch him again tomorrow all Your terminals in the network of “Ukrposhta” will be disabled, “wrote Smila.

In one of the comments Smelyanskiy explained that “Ukrpochta” is really not profitable to deliver pensions, but this only applies to rural areas, and ad noticed in the city of Chernivtsi.

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He also noted that a similar phrase, allegedly said pensioners in “PrivatBank”, because he believes that ads on the city – really the handiwork of employees of the financial institution.

The message Smelyanskiy responded the representative of the press service of “PrivatBank” on public relations of the Inna Muzychuk, noting that the Bank “has no such insane practices.”

We will remind, Omeljan noted the contribution Poroshenko in the allocation of the Ukrainian postmen half a billion UAH. The money, according to the Minister, they will go on salaries that they would get pensions. While Poroshenko himself has promised that the postal service will maintain the network of rural offices.