Hierarch of the Russian Orthodox Church was a KGB agent, recruited in the Soviet period.

Metropolitan of Riga and all Latvia Alexander
(Kudryashov) in 1982 joined the ranks of the KGB of the Latvian SSR, what
evidenced by the relevant documents, according to “Диалог.UA” with reference to “Compromising.lv”.

From a simple bartender
Riga restaurant in agent called the Reader Kudryashov
turned with the filing of the KGB Alexander Ishchenko, who recruited the future “priest”
and gave him the agent’s name.

Bishop of Latvian
the Reader of the Church began after the death of Metropolitan Leonid. Soviet
The Union collapsed, however, the relationship of “Bishop” and his patron
preserved. The Primate of the Latvian Orthodox Church has created two commercial companies and
instructed Ishchenko manage restorative property.

Later Kudryashov from
the name of the Synod, gave the organization his supervisor authorization, which allows
to Ishchenko income from residential homes located on two streets in Riga
owned by Church of Latvia.

Earlier Golobutsky
said that ROC – a combat unit of the Kremlin that Moscow did not hide.

As reported in
Russia launched a program to train “aunts” at the temples
Moscow Church.

We Will Remind, Putin
let slip at a press conference on Moscow’s influence on the UOC-MP.