ODESSA – KIEV. August 22. UNN. For the period of official investigation of the abduction of the storage areas of the arrested tovarno-material values – 37 of the containers with uncleared goods an estimated value of UAH 150 million detached head of the Odessa customs. This was told today during a briefing, acting President of the SFS Miroslav Prodan, the correspondent of UNN.

According to M. Sold, the information, which was announced on 21 August about the Odessa customs, needs to be clarified.

“The fact of detection, arrest and further actions to search for stolen goods was carried out and was conducted exclusively by employees of the State fiscal service of Ukraine”, – said Miroslav Sold.

He said that in a course quickly-search actions it is established his involvement in the kidnapping known in certain circles of the group, which includes the employee of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine, which oversees the work of customs and the last time was on leave.

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“The involvement of the employee of the General Prosecutor’s office, I repeatedly informed the leadership of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine. From the moment when started execution of the duties”, – said Miroslav Sold.

The results of the measures GFS was able to detect and impound the stolen goods in the various markets of Ukraine, particularly in Kharkiv and Odessa regions. We are talking about the fabric, technology, tractors, spare parts and the like.

According to the chief of the GFS Odessa customs Alexander Vlasov, the staff of the Odessa customs of the SFS was formed and risk associated with these containers are taken to control.

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“Even before the court decision, we seized 5 containers, and made protocols on violation of customs rules. Then, according to the court, all 37 of the container was arrested, and, for unknown reasons, investigators made the decision to place them in customs warehouses, and provided for escrow society, which has a warehouse not in a zone of activity of the Odessa customs”, – said Alexander Vlasov.

Given the above, Miroslav Prodan has instructed the internal security of the Central office of fiscal service of Ukraine about carrying out of office investigation. And also, to ensure impartiality of action for the period of the investigation, has suspended the head of the Odessa customs of the SFS Alexander Vlasov from performing its duties.

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“Given the fact that I have every reason to say about his involvement in this crime employees of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine, I have to apply to the NEB for a fair investigation on this issue. All of the materials today is available to SFS, we are ready to provide,” said acting Chairman of the SFS.

Recall that the SFS arrested the ex-customs officer on suspicion of kidnapping arrested goods.