The incident happened at 20:10 local time.
According to preliminary data, the deceased was 25 years / photo varlamov.gipostaticeski “Boeing-737” in Moscow’s Sheremetyevo airport on takeoff hit a man, he died.

“The hand with the foot alone, the body alone” — said the blogger Ilya Varlamov, citing sources at the airport. Runway after the incident was closed, planes now fly out of Sheremetyevo airport with a delay, the source said.

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The incident happened at 20:10 local time on the runway “was discovered in the human body, clothing and other personal items belonging to the man,” said the head of the Directorate of public relations of the airport Anna zakharenkova. To establish the identity of the deceased will require DNA examination, said the source “Interfax” in the airport services.

According to preliminary data, the deceased was 25 years of age. How he ended up on the runway, it’s unclear.

“The crew of the airliner after the flight to Athens was reported to dispatchers about the alleged collision with an animal on the runway (runway) during acceleration. It was decided not to return the aircraft to the departure airport, as the system signaled injuries,” — said the interlocutor of “Interfax”.

However, it was decided to send at the flying field of aviation security officers to inspect the runway.

“Upon arrival at the scene they reported the discovery of human remains,” said the source.