The government has estimated the losses of the tourism industry of Ukraine from the coronavirus in the $ 1.5 billion

KIEV. April 28. UNN. The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine estimates the losses to the import and export of tourist services by the pandemic coronavirus in 1500000000 dollars. It is reported by UNN with reference to the press service of the Cabinet.

“Panic will pass, the restrictions on movement will be removed, but people may remain fear inside and pointed the instinct of self-preservation. Tourists can change their habits, which will require changes to the format of their service. One of the main behavioral change will be social distance”, – stated in the message.

The government noted that in the current situation, domestic tourism has a much better chance of recovery than away.

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If part of the tourist orientated countries will not open by the fall of their border, Ukrainians will go first in your own country”, – stressed in the Cabinet.

I should add that the Ministry of culture and information policy, together with the relevant Committee of the Verkhovna Rada drafted a bill No. 3377, which offer:

1) free surgery for the provision of tourism services from paying:
• the value added tax;
• income tax and ERUs;
• land tax and tax on real estate;
2) abolish the tourist tax to the end of 2020;
3) to introduce tax incentives for the payment of rent and land of state and communal ownership.

As previously reported UNN, Parliament recommended to adopt the bill on support of culture, tourism and business during the quarantine.