The first meeting of the new Moldovan Parliament: protests, fight, destination

CHISINAU-KIEV. March 21. UNN. Today, March 21, held its first meeting of the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova in the new structure, during which it was generated 3 fractions. In addition, the Parliament held a protest of supporters of the opposition bloc ACUM, and the Democratic MP Sergiu Sirbu was hospitalized in the attack, the correspondent of UNN.

Meeting of the Parliament’s convocation began with an invocation of the President Igor Dodon and lasted about half an hour. Three of the five parties that came to Parliament determined factions — the Democratic party is the Party of socialists and the Party of “shore”.

In addition, supporters of the opposition bloc ACUM (Party PAS and the Platform) protested outside Parliament. The leader of the party PAS Maia Sandu on this day was in Brussels and was absent at the meeting. The leader of the faction of Democrats was elected, former Prime Minister Pavel Filip, the faction of the Party of socialists headed by Zinaida Greceanii, the Party of “shore” — its leader, Ilan Shor. Andrei Nastase, in turn, declared that isn’t ready to announce a faction-based unit ACUM.

In addition, after the meeting, the attack was hospitalized, the Deputy of the Democratic party, Sergiu Sirbu. It is reported that Sirbu was attacked by a previously convicted violent protests Paul Grigorchuk in one of the cafes in the centre of the Moldovan capital.

It clarifies the issue, Sirbu was hospitalized with closed cherepno-a brain trauma.

He Grigorchuk was escorted to the police station, during Live-firing from your page in social networks, he confirmed that he hit a Deputy due to the fact that he considers him a traitor, and he Sirbu, according to the Grigorchuk, it provoked the use of force.

We will remind, the constitutional court of Moldova formally approved the results of parliamentary elections held on February 24 and approved the mandates of elected deputies and party lists and single-mandate majority districts.

Thus, in the new Parliament of Moldova is presented by a leftist Pro-Russian Party of socialists (35 seats), the center-left Democratic party, a controversial oligarch Vlad Plahotniuc (30), block two Pro-European parties “Acum” (26), populist party “shore” of another controversial businessman and politician Ilan Shor (7) and three independent deputies (only 101).