The annual Burning Man festival in black Rock city (USA), which was originally scheduled to be held from 30 August to 7 September 2020, will be delayed due to the pandemic coronavirus. Such a verdict is rendered, the organizers and said that in return for the event will be held in a virtual format, “the Multiverse”.

Burning Man attracts tens of thousands of people in the desert in Nevada, where for a few days, erected an entire city black Rock. The event becomes a temporary Mecca for the interaction of people, free art and expression.

“Yes, we have a broken heart. We understand that you have too. In 2020, we need more than ever to simple human closeness. But health and well-being of our members, employees and neighbors in Nevada are still our highest priorities. However, we look forward to the opportunity to welcome you in the Virtual Black Rock in the Multiverse. This is the theme of 2020. We’re not sure yet how it will look; probably careless and rookie mistakes. But we also believe that it will be exciting and – as always – rousing”.

The organizers of Burning Man claim that will reimburse the cost of the already bought tickets to all who will declare such desire. However, the project needs to stay afloat, alive and prosperous, so that next year when the pandemic, thousands and thousands of creative people once again were able to come together and build a city in the desert. Although the situation of the organizers now require staff layoffs, wage cuts and other unpleasant measures in order to survive. So the team Burning Man hopes for understanding and generosity of their fans.

The General Director of the project for Burning Man Marian Goodell said that the work on ongoing projects will continue, including grants for artists and musicians. On the horizon there are new and interesting projects – for example, publishing books and a journal issue on culture.

Source — The Burning Man