The Feather company offers an innovative approach to the use of domestic, not professional furniture. It is suitable for those who by fate are forced to frequently change rented accommodation, cannot carry a favorite couch and not willing to pay more for a Desk that will be in demand just a month or two. For all of them startup creates a subscription on furniture of excellent quality.

The subscription gives the user access to four types of services: review and hire of new products, modernization and repair of the current furniture, buy and return any unnecessary. There is no single database that provides information about all the furniture in the possession of service users, warehouses, and workshops of partner brands. Furniture store, as a mediator, removed from the scheme.

The company plans to use this database, to serve customers flexibly, quickly and at 25 % cheaper than the average price. Someone moves out and rents a chair back – in the system already planned out what parts from it, taking into account wear, where to go to repair. You can save money by renting is not a new thing, but with new hardware, or to order an upgrade, which in principle are not conceived by the designer initially, but can be implemented technically.

The possibilities are many service offers to rethink the very concept of the use of furniture in the new century. If we agree, we see the benefit is to provide a car or house to be shared on the principle of Uber and Airbnb, why not spread this idea on the furniture? Modern conditions of existence dictate the need for people to reconsider the attitude to physical goods and the alternative use of furniture – just another step in that direction.

Source — Feather