Partners news Alexander Stoyanov: “Our couple with Catherine Kuhar is not shared by anyone” 29.05.18 556000

31 may in the National Opera of Ukraine ballet “Spartak”, where for the first time, the main roles will be performed by world stars of ballet, prima ballerina of La Scala and the Boston ballet Petra Conti and the famous Duo burning brunettes with the National Opera of Ukraine Kateryna Kuhar and Alexander Stoyanov.

However, in this ballet, the audience will not see the beloved all star a couple Kuhar-Stoyanov. In the ballet “Spartacus” Alexander Stoyanov will dance with Petra Conti. Partner Catherine Kuhar in this performance will make blue-eyed Yaroslav Tkachuk.

The plot of the play is the story of two couples, two opposing forces – good and evil, slaves and masters, and freedom and autocratic power.

The personification of the forces of power in the face of the Roman commander Crassus and Aegina (dance Alexander Stoyanov and Peter Conti). The personification of goodness in the face of a pair of Spartacus and Phrygia (performed by Yaroslav Tkachuk and Catherine Kuhar).

Before the show we were able to attend a rehearsal and chat with Alexander Stoyanov, on the performance of the party of Crassus which you can watch forever, as the fire. High soaring jumps, excitement and passion in every movement, their dance, he literally energizing.

Alexander, you usually dance with his wife, Catherine Kuchar. But the ballet Spartacus comply with Italy’s Petra Conti. Who is easier to work with the spouse or Petra?

This is a provocative question. Katia and I, of course, easier to work with, we dance together for about 10 years. We perfectly know each other, feel mood. But with Petra I like to dance, she’s very emotional, which suits me temperamentally, she has a perfect technique.

And who formed the Duo in this performance? Who have shared a few Kuhar-Stoyanov?

Our couple with Catherine Kuhar not shared by anyone. I wanted to dance the role of the Roman General Crassus is the winner, my Lord. It literally is transmitted in every movement of the dance: hands up, high jump. In the history of the Roman Empire, Crassus was a friend of Julius Caesar and the great Pompey, and together they ruled Rome and the world. KRASS is a person who is not accustomed to lose, he was smart and ruthless ruler. For example, to suppress the revolt of Spartacus and return to your army morale, he ordered the execution of every 10th soldier of his army who escaped from the rebel slaves. The brutality had the desired effect – the next battle Spartacus Crassus won. My role is unrealistic charismatic and for me the most interesting and dance in this ballet.

Katya feels more the role of the forever-grieving for his Spartacus Frigiya.

What inspires you in preparing for this party?

The right mentality helps me a brilliant choreography of Anatoly the shakers and the music of Aram Khachaturian. A lot about my role in rehearsals tells me Eleanor M. Stebliak, she is now rehearsing with us this show. She tells me: “Sasha, I have the feeling that the party has raised on you” – although this ballet has more than 40 years. As a woman I am inspired by Peter Conti, she plays the role of a devious and sexy Aegina, who worships and seduces commander Crassus. Perhaps, such a woman should be with a strong man. All of our duos very sexy.

Catherine Kuhar you are not jealous of Peter Conte?

Kate is so busy with his clean batch of Phrygia that our duet with Petra wasn’t even paying attention.

Were there any difficulties in preparation for the play “Spartak”?

The main difficulty at this time was the placement of Petra, because her arrival coincided with the holding of the final of the Champions League, all the hotels are overcrowded.

Alexander, how you feel, what is the current attitude of the Ukrainian audience to the art of ballet?

Ukrainian ballet is an integral part of Ukrainian culture. At our performances auditoriums are always filled.

What most delights and frustrates you in your profession?

I like the ability to play the roles that you will never allow myself in life. Love that this art inspires people, emotionally charges. Theatre is always a great excuse to escape from everyday work and to get some time in a magical atmosphere. I look at women, they are in the theatre change, behave differently, look.

And what is frustrating?

Frustrating, perhaps, is that ballet sometimes destroys the lives and the lives of artists. It is a heavy and insidious art form. Someone does not stand up physically, but you are not prepared mentally. Besides, this is a very expensive art form, it requires large financial investments. In many countries ballet is supported at the state level in Ukraine today, the ballet supports most of the patron who has the interest in the Ukrainian art, there is a desire to develop their country, such people as Lyudmila Rusalina. But people who understand that the history of a nation is written in the first place in the book arts, unfortunately, units.

This year you have presented in Ukraine world premiere of “children of the night”, some of the patrons have supported your performance?

“Children of the night” is my first Robin as a producer. I didn’t set out to find a patron or some other financial support, I had a desire to do something completely new in Ukraine. But after the premiere, when people saw the quality of the performance, I started receiving many new proposals for the support of my projects.