According to Igor, Berchenko who lost his daughter in a freak accident in the center of Kharkov, adoption attorneys Zaitseva that their family no one could find, are false.
The protection of the driver of the Lexus, in turn, required to attach to the case reference on the health status of girls / Photo: NewsRoom

In Kyiv district court of Kharkiv held a regular meeting on the resonant case about the accident in Sumy. There continue to consider the requests of participants in the trial.

Igor Barchenko who lost his daughter in a freak accident in the center of Kharkov, called the money transfer family Zaitseva “little trick”, according to NewsRoom.

According to the man, the claims of the advocates Zaitseva that their family no one could find, are false, as they were in the hospital emergency care. The family of the accused was assisted only when his daughter has died. The victim also stated that his wife together with the lawyer went to Tatiana Ivanova (mother Alyona Zaitseva) and asked for the account number, and then gave her back all the funds. A similar position was expressed by the representative of the victims Larisa Matveeva — in her words, charitable assistance should not be considered a mitigating circumstance.

The protection of the driver of the Lexus, in turn, was required to adduce information about the state of health of the girl. According to them, doctors diagnosed Zaitseva vegetovascular dystonia, heart valve prolapse, and post-traumatic encephalopathy. “Zaitseva diagnosed with severe chronic diseases, so I think that these are documents that describe the personality of the accused, and they must be attached to the materials of the case, and at sentencing,” said the defender.

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“If the girl is in grave condition, she was prescribed these drugs, how she was given rights?” — outraged, Berchenko.

Also, the lawyer Yulia Trump insisted on the inclusion in the materials of the trial the cheques to 600 thousand hryvnias and screenshots of cars Dronova.

The court has partially satisfied the petition of representatives of the driver of the Lexus, in particular, filed a separate statement of medical history and receipts Yuri Neudachina and wife Jeanne Vlasenko about the waiver. However, a screenshot of the ad Gennady Dronova on the sale of car the judge Victor Papras did not include in the materials.

The next meeting is to be held tomorrow at 14:00, the court should interrogate the last expert witness-photography Yulia, Nosatenko, which is now on sick leave.

As reported the UNIAN, 18 October 2017 in Kharkov at the intersection of streets Sumy and lane Mechnikov clash “Lexus” 20-year-old Elena Zaitseva, who was moving at a red light and the car “Volkswagen Touareg”, driven by 49-year-old Gennady drones. After the collision, the Lexus took off on the sidewalk and knocked down 11 pedestrians. It killed five people, one more person died from injuries in hospital.

The court took custody of Dronova and Zaitseva at the time of the investigation. The first tests showed the presence in the body Zaitseva opiates. Later, the doctor-psychiatrist Elena Fedirko, who first inspected Zaitseva after the accident, disappeared.