In the state aggressor, going all the scum and traitors who flee from Ukraine, said Advisor to the interior Minister Zoryan Shkiryak.
The fugitive posted a photo online / photo Evgeny Zhukov, FacebookОдин of the former Kharkiv police patrol to avoid time behind bars for bribery, fled to the Russian Federation.

Advisor to the Minister of internal Affairs Zoryan Shkiryak channel “Direct” commented on the incident.

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“Unfortunately, every family has its black sheep, and among the 130 thousand decent, honest and dedicated to their job and to serving the people of Ukraine wound up the black sheep. This bastard really has been documented. In April he was dismissed from the patrol police and was under investigation by prosecutors for extortion and bribery. Of course it was about the likely prison term. Apparently, he made the decision to go to “Mordor”,” – said Shkiryak.

According to him, there is nothing surprising as the state-aggressor, going all the scum and traitors who flee from Ukraine. In particular, this is observed during the last years.

“Today we have declared that this rascal now got Russian citizenship. Undoubtedly Russian propaganda will use another anti-heresy. Of course they will be in a familiar key from his side, as in the Kingdom of crooked mirrors, to apply this information. But the truth is one. This black sheep, which, unfortunately, spent some time in Ukrainian police patrol was discovered and documented. Today, he is there”, – said Shkiryak.

He stressed that it is the human factor.

“We are proud of the 130 thousand Ukrainian policemen who continue to faithfully serve the cause and protect the rights and freedoms of Ukrainian citizens”, – concluded Shkiryak.

As UNIAN reported earlier, a former employee of the patrol police of Kharkiv Denis Kucherenko, who, along with accomplices took to blackmail the car at the man and demanded “compensation”, fled to Russia and received Russian citizenship.