KIEV. April 13. UNN. Energoatom expects early approval of tender documentation, necessary for carrying out competition by definition of the private partner for the project “Energy bridge ”Ukraine-EU“. This was announced by the President of “Energoatom” Yuri Nedashkovsky during the meeting with the member of the Supervisory Board, co-owner of the company, Kulczyk Investments s.a. By Dominika Kulczyk, reports UNN with reference to the message of the company.

“We look forward to approval by the Cabinet of Ministers of the bidding documents for carrying out tender on definition of private partner for implementation of public-private partnership project ”Energy bridge “Ukraine-EU”. One of the points of this documentation is the admission of “Energoatom” to the interstate section (the sum of the interstate power lines connecting the UPS of Ukraine with the power systems of other States — ed.) for 20 years with the goal of maximum export of electricity during a specified period,“ – said Nedashkovsky.

He also added that during this year it is also planned to undertake the necessary consultations with the Energy Community Secretariat on this project.

Kulczyk said that the project “Energy bridge ”EU-Ukraine“ is one of the priorities of Kulczyk Investments.

“It is of great importance not only in economic but in the political context. Ukraine is a very important component to ensure energy stability in Europe. Poland needs Ukrainian electricity in turn Ukraine needs Poland for further energy integration with the EU. I’m sure in the successful implementation of this project,” she said.

The member of the Board of Polenergia International S. àr.l. Grzegorz Stanislavsky said that in June this year, it is expected the publication of the report of the European network of transmission system operators for electricity (ENTSO-E) containing the recommendations for the energy security of the Baltic States.

“We are working to in the report of ENTSO-E reflects the possibility of using the energy bridge of the EU-Ukraine as one of the effective tools of increasing the energy security of the Baltic countries and their further integration into the EU’s energy system by creating a jumper between the power bridge and power grid of Lithuania. A strong argument in favor of the speedy implementation of the project is also forecast for the systemic shortages of electricity in Poland after 2025, which is expected to reach 9,000 MW of installed capacity,” – said Stanislavski.

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In the framework of the project “Energy bridge ”Ukraine-European Union“ provides for the implementation of the export of electricity from unit 2 of Khmelnitsky NPP in 2 directions: through the upgrade of the transmission line 750 kV Rzeszow, as well as the current line at the substation Albertirsa (Hungary) after modernization of the Western substation. This will add 1000 MW electricity from nuclear energy to the existing export potential of Burshtyn island, which is now solely provided by thermal generation (550 MW).

The project does not require budgetary financing on any of the stages of its implementation. All the activities envisaged within the project, will be financed by own funds of the private partner.

Recall that “Energoatom” and Holtec International (USA) signed a Memorandum of understanding on cooperation in the use of small modular reactors SMR-160 in Ukraine.