Despite the decision of OPEC to reduce oil production, prices
oil prices continue to fall. News agencies report that the cost of oil
WTI broke the record 18 years ago and fell below $18 per barrel.

Oil traders say that the price of us crude
at auction in new York fell by 10% to $17,88 per barrel. While
for days, the cost fell to $17,65.

The last time so low the specified grade of oil cost
in the fall of 2001, two months after the terrorist attacks in new York on 11 September.

The Russian mark Urals has also continued to fall and after the jump to $ 28 per barrel fell to 23.

Journalists reported that the price of Brent crude oil several
the above is in $to 28.02.

Despite the deal, the country could not solve one of the
the main problems of producers: the demand for the epidemic of the coronavirus dramatically
collapsed. Economic problems around the world have reduced the economic
activity, which is directly reflected in the price of oil.

Earlier it was reported that OPEC again predicts decline in world oil demand in 2020 because of the “historic shock” caused by the outbreak of coronavirus. She also stated that such a reduction may be not the last time this year.

Recall that after a sharp rise in the cost of oil ahead of the OPEC deal, the price of “black gold” were in the area of turbulence and can not stabilize.