The court extended the arrest of the perpetrators of high-profile accidents in Kharkov Zaitseva and DronovuPhoto: UNIAN

Without the right of bail

04.04.18 56000

In the Kharkiv Kyiv district court extended the measure of restraint for the participants resonant accident in the center of Kharkov Elena Zaitseva and Gennady Dronovu.

Zaitseva, who was driving a Lexus car, and Dronova, who ran the Touareg, prolonged detention without the right of bail until June 1, according to NewsRoom.

Requirements of the prosecution about the contents of the drivers in custody was supported by five representatives of the victims and the lawyer Elena Zaitseva.

“I believe that the risks in the application list, but not proven. However, given the resonance of the actions and feelings of victims, we will not challenge the position of the Prosecutor’s office,” said Julia Trump.

Protection Gennady Dronov insisted on electing him a more lenient measure of restraint. According to lawyer Sergey Perepelitsa, the court had to assign the driver of the Volkswagen Touareg house arrest wearing an electronic bracelet, as the accusers have not proved the risks associated with his stay at liberty.

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He drones also asked for leniency.

“My mother is one, she is 80 years old. Please understand my position. I had a month to run, but I didn’t do it”, – said the participant of road accident.

Recall, October 18, at nine o’clock in the evening on one of the Central streets of Kharkov there was a terrible accident – SUV Lexus RX 350, at the wheel which was 20-summer Elena Zaitseva, collided with the Volkswagen Touareg and rammed the crowd of people standing at the crosswalk.

As a result of incident five people were killed on the spot, another six were hospitalized. One of the victims later died in hospital.