Near Odessa in the river floated the two halftone floating minesPhoto: Bessarabia INFORM

Discovery found in the flood

04.04.18 129000

In the Odessa region near Izmail on 110-m kilometre of the Danube river on Tuesday, April 3, in the water found floating mine of world war II.

A second shell on Wednesday, April 4, nailed to the Romanian coast, according to Bessarabia INFORM.

According to the publication, surfaced near Izmail Elevator mine on Wednesday at 19:59 defused three miles up the Danube from Izmail.

Public access to the coastal area has been temporarily limited, and of work on formation of the security zone was carried out by the National police, Patrol police and the National guard.

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I worked at a place experts of gschs, the situation is controlled by Maritime security service of Izmail branch of the ASD, the Izmail border detachment, Maritime security SBS.

The mayor of Izmail Andrey abramchenko said that surfaced on the Ukrainian side of the shell – a diameter of 77 cm and a weight of 480 kg, which was placed into service during the First world war.

According to the report, a mine on the Romanian side defused at 17:15. In Ishmael was a powerful explosion is heard.

We will remind, earlier it was reported that a powerful storm in the Black sea washed away some of the beaches.