Against the organizers of the interregional ethnic group and his active assistants preventive measure without an alternative of bail to other defendants in bail or home arrest.
Detainees could face up to 15 years of imprisonment with confiscation of property / photo UNIAN

The court chose the measure of restraint for participants of an organized criminal group detained today over the use of slave labor almost 100 people in Odessa region.

About it today journalists were reported by the chief of the National police in the city of Kiev, Andriy kryschenko, the press service of the Channel.

“Organizer – 38-the summer citizen of another state, and his active supporters were arrested without possibility of bail in respect of his wife, 38-year-old native of Odessa region – the court chose a measure of restraint in form of arrest with the pledge of 528 thousand. One of the participants of the group let under-house arrest, the others are also under arrest with the possibility of bail in the amount of 126 thousand UAH”, – said Krishchenko.

Detainees communicate with investigators establish the circumstances and chronology of events.

Police checked the testimony of the attackers and the information provided affected.

Krishchenko also noted that victims undergo a medical examination, and representatives of public organizations provide them with psychological help. In addition, the police will help victims in the recovery of lost documents and return home.

Read takeable all Ukrainians falls into labor slavery in Russia and Poland, the international organization for migration

Investigations are ongoing, in three areas carried out the authorized searches and seized material evidence attached to the criminal proceedings.

Detainees could face up to 15 years of imprisonment with confiscation of property.

As reported the UNIAN, today, on November 13, the police arrested 13 criminals involved in the retention of people in the Odessa region in labor slavery.

During the RAID were released 94 people.

According to police, the couple – a citizen of Georgia and a citizen of Ukraine, organised in Odessa region agricultural enterprise, where several years of free working people. Their deceit lured to work special recruiters who were looking for vulnerable people, promised a job, a stable salary 450-500 UAH per day, accommodation and meals. The geography of search of the victims – 22 of the oblast and Kiev, pseudoregular were carried out mainly on the Railways.

On the way recruiters solder future slaves of alcohol, which, by assumption, something mixed. The victims were asleep in the van, and when he came to himself, found himself in an unfamiliar place (in the barracks, in the Odessa region).

For every slave delivered the recruiters got 500 UAH. In the place of the victims were taken documents and telephone numbers, were forced to work for free in the box for 13 hours. Thus, according to the victims, “employers” was denied medical care, and those who tried to escape were beaten, including bats.

During the searches law enforcement seized weapons, vehicles, among them Mercedes and BMW, and 1 million UAH in cash.