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Hospital in Wenzhou city, where is was first discovered missing

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A resident of China, on whose death the relatives were told by doctors, after two months returned home, shocking family, reports “Interfax”.

43-year-old man suffering from a mental disorder, left home and never returned. His relatives in the March went to the police, and in April they reported that they were close, presumably, is in hospital in another city.

As posted by the British newspaper the Daily Mail, the family came to the hospital, where they were told that the patient has a serious infectious disease. Uncle of the patient was not able to identify the “nephew” because of the oxygen mask. Moreover, so as not to risk infection, relatives are not allowed to come close to the patient.

Relatives decided to take him home, but failed as the man died. His body to the family was not given, and immediately cremated in connection with the measures to combat COVID-19.

Relatives staged a magnificent funeral, which cost them 140 thousand yuan (a little less than 20 thousand dollars). Two months later they received a call from another province of China, where police found a homeless guy who is probably their missing relative.

In early June, he finally reunited with his family. Because of his mental disorder he could not explain how he found himself 1,500 km from home.

The hospital said that incorrectly identified the patient, because men are “very similar” and patient ID is missing. Family demands compensation.