Video Cartoon “Masha and the Bear” in Ukraine named a strategic weapon Russian worldscene from the cartoon “Masha and the Bear”

Larissa Nicoll believes that if in the years of the UPR there was already animated, you already have the Russian cartoons were banned

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With the help of the cartoon “Masha and the Bear” Russia is trying to create an image of “fluffy,” a friendly and welcoming country, which in fact is not.

This opinion was expressed by well-known Ukrainian writer Larysa Nicoll, transfers “observer”.

She stressed that such media products are strategic weapons the “Russian world”.

“I am annoyed in this situation, the behavior of the Ukraine. We still behave like immature insecure teenager in short pants who is afraid to Express his own opinion. We began to discuss it, once spoke of someone “senior”. Ukraine was the first to declare that this product is inadmissible in any case in conditions of war,” protested Nicoi.

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She was sure that if in the years of the Republic in 1918 there was already animated, you already have the Russian cartoons were banned. “However, during the occupation, and more sewn to Russia, even more infected “Russian world”, had shot and killed all those who could speak out loud.

And today, the “Russian world” came shooting at us, and we their children to mind put their product. We don’t have during the war to take anything from Russia, especially should not take products for children”, — stressed the writer.

“Thank God, at least Britain is announced! And Ukraine at the state level not stated. Among the teachers a long time to discuss this cartoon and say that it is impossible to Ukrainian children show. But some official statement that it officially passed in the media — this was not” — summed it.

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As noted by the AMF, on November 17, the British newspaper the Times published an article titled “Children’s show is propaganda for Putin.” The author of the article writes that Russian cartoon about the adventures of a girl Masha and her friend the Bear watch millions of British children. English-language channel of the series on YouTube has collected 4,18 million subscribers, and a total of 13 channels in various languages the series has already gained more than 40 billion views.

However, citing the opinions of experts, journalist mark bridge says the series ‘ Moscow Studio is part of the propaganda machine of Russia. An expert on intelligence, Professor at Buckingham University’s Anthony Gliese says: “Mary is bold, even furious, but also determined. She’s trying to jump over your head. It is no exaggeration to say that she’s acting like Putin”.

British journalist as an example of militancy Masha leads the series where it’s cap and the border guard is guarding the carrot bed from the encroachments of the hare.

The series, called “Frontier”, has been discussed for the first time. This is similar to and mark bridge, giving examples of how the aggressiveness of the Russian heroines discussed in the Baltic countries. Lithuanian political scientist Laurynas Kasciunas, requiring in 2016 to ban the cartoon, said: “Under the skirt of Mary hides Putin’s tanks. It is a Trojan horse designed to hypnotize the children of the enemy.”

Recall, trump has called Putin’s tiny bald fascist in one episode of “the Simpsons”.