The British Prime Minister did not dismiss his chief adviser for violations of quarantine

Boris Johnson

KIEV. May 25. UNN. Prime Minister Boris Johnson did not dismiss his chief adviser Dominic Cummings, who previously was accused of violating the quarantine. Sunday briefing at Downing street, 10 Prime Minister began by stating that, in his opinion, the Cummings did not violate the law, writes CNN, reports UNN.

“Today I had a detailed conversation with Dominic Cummings, and came to the conclusion that he made his long trip, requiring necessary care (for her child) at a time when he and his wife could just about knock you over coronavirus, and the alternatives were absent. I believe that he followed the instincts that have any parent and does not deserve punishment for it, Johnson said. — as for the others, including the obviously false accusations regarding what he did while in isolation, and then I’m sure it was done responsibly, without yielding principles and without violating the law.”

On the background of the scandal surrounding the Prime Minister’s advisers, many members of the ruling Conservative party and the parliamentary opposition has urged Johnson to immediately send Cummings to resign. While the Prime Minister’s office and members of the Cabinet have consistently defended the adviser, which is considered the right hand the head of the government.

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As reported Friday evening by the British media and later confirmed by Downing street, Cummings sailed from London for 400 km to the town of Durham in the North East of England, where his old parents, when the country has acted quarantine, forbidding people to leave home and to do any travel unless absolutely necessary. The best adviser of the head of government in Durham coincided with the period when he had to be in isolation with symptoms of the disease caused by a coronavirus, but it is not clear exactly when he went to Durham — before or after felt the symptoms of the disease.

The Prime Minister’s office action Cummings explained that he left to relatives to care for his year old son in a situation when even the Prime Minister’s adviser, and his wife caught the infection. Subsequently, the media reported that the Cummings had violated the quarantine several times, but the information of the Cabinet members denied.