The biggest fears and phobias of famous people

12.08.2018 14:43

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August 13, 1899 Alfred Hitchcock is born is an English – American film Director, winner of the “Oscar”. Few people know that even the king of terrors was their fears. What phobia was stalking all the famous people? Read our photo essay.

Alfred Hitchcock
The famous Director of Thriller and horror films was the owner of one of the most bizarre phobias. Hitchcock was afraid of eggs! Over a lifetime he tasted any scrambled eggs or fried eggs. Items oval shape, reminiscent of the hated eggs, also brought the Director to panic.

Sergei Yesenin
The famous poet suffered syphilophobia – fear of Contracting syphilis. Anatoly Mariengof, a friend of the poet, recalled: “Pop up used on the nose he had a pimple the size of a bread crumb, and so he walks away from the mirror to the mirror is harsh and gloomy. One even went to the library to read the signs of a terrible hvoroby. After it got worse, just that: the Corolla of Venus!”

Honore de Balzac
The great writer Honore de Balzac more than anything else was afraid to marry. For many years he was in love with a married lady – Countess Evelina Ganska. But it so happened that 10 years later, after the lovers had met, Evelyn was widowed. Balzac resisted 8 years, but the Countess insisted on the wedding. Fear the writer is sick, and even wrote the bride: say, my health is such that you would rather accompany me to the cemetery than you have time to try on my name. But the wedding has taken place. However, under the crown of Onore was taken to a chair because he could not go. And five months after the wedding died.

Vladimir Mayakovsky
Vladimir Mayakovsky was afraid of catching the infection. That is why the poet never touched door handles, and always wore gloves. Wherever he went Mayakovsky, he always carried a small bar of soap, iodine and some clean handkerchiefs.

It is worth noting that this phobia had a king of pop music Michael Jackson – the singer was afraid of germs and infections.