KIEV. August 13. UNN. Fishermen from Turkey shelled the Greek fishermen near the island of Leros in the Aegean sea, according to the Alpha channel, reports UNN.

According to the channel, the incident occurred 300 meters from the Greek island of Leros, within the group of the Dodecanese Islands. According to Greek fishermen, the Turks fired on two Greek boats with firearms.

The fire of the Greek vessels had to leave the fishing area. Then they warned the coast guard about the incident. Arrived at the scene of the shooting, the coastguards found that the Turkish fishermen were already back in international waters.

According to one of the Greek fishermen, the Turks fired at least six shots. However, to say exactly what weapons the shooting, he couldn’t.

As reported UNN, for the “liberation of new territories” Turkey is preparing a military operation in Syria.