Igor Of Lutsk

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Alyaksandr Lukashenka on 4 June, took personnel action against the new government of Belarus

Photo from the website of the President of the Republic of Belarus

Information Minister of Belarus Igor Lutsky announced that his Agency will adjust the actions of the media. It helps, in the Minister’s opinion, it is better to inform the public about the politics of the state and to prevent the dissemination of information that undermines the credibility of the state. The official told the TV channel CTV.

“The strategy of the Ministry of information, in my opinion, would be to adjust the actions of the media in order to ensure, first, bringing a clear state policy, and limit the population from information, which harm the state,” – said Lutsky.

It is noteworthy that the Minister, in his words, considers “any information is valuable and important.” “I always look at any alternative point of view, always analyzing,” said the official who intends to deprive the ability of ordinary citizens through censorship.

Igor Lutsky drew attention to what is happening in social networks, on websites and in streaming video during the period of political changes in the country. “Maybe someone will seem that it is something harmless, but this affects what is happening in the country and how the country would develop,” – said the Minister of information.

Igor Lutsky noted the importance of “clear and truthful” information about what is happening in the country, for the people. In his opinion, “digital noise seriously affects the minds” and the objective of public media is to destroy it.

The Minister stressed that “the adoption of any government decisions should be accompanied by serious information support.”

During the interview, Igor Lutsky was asked, whether he feels himself “a soldier of a Third world war”, which, as some believe, is already underway in the information field. The Minister replied that the information “plays an increasingly important role in making political and economic decisions increasingly affect the development of States and whether they actually exist or not.” However, the official asked not to consider him a “fighter information front.”

“We’re really not at war, I would not so seriously have to exaggerate,” – concluded the Minister of information.

Igor Lutsky was appointed to the post of Minister of information of Belarus on 4 June, after President Alexander Lukashenko has sent in resignation of the government. Lutsky has worked in the Ministry, until February 2018, he held the position of Deputy information Minister. After that Lutsk was the head of JSC “Capital TV” (legal entity of the STV channel), RBC reports.

At the time of appointment to the post of Minister President noted that with the advent of Lutsk the work of the Ministry of information will need to be reformatted. “We do not see that Ministry. I wish we saw him,” – said Lukashenko.