Photo On the Australian river beach, found a big fish-the moonNational Parks South Australia

In rivers such fish meet very rarely

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Rare washed up on the shore of the Murray river in South Australia. Her scales were full of sand, so from afar, the fishermen took her behind a tree, writes the Daily Mail.

Fish length – 2.5 meters and a weight of several hundred kilograms. For its kind it is not too large: fish Mola Mola can reach 3 meters in length, 4.2 meters in height and weigh up to 2.5 tons. The moon (or, as they are called, solar) fish are found in tropical waters around the world, and because of the characteristic of the fin they are often confused with sharks.

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What killed the fish, is unknown. According to Ralph foster, South Australian Museum, maybe she ate a plastic bag, mistaking it with the jellyfish.

Other news about rare animals:

  • In the Galapagos Islands, scientists accidentally found a giant sea turtle species Particle Phantasticus, which was considered extinct 100 years ago.
  • The video first went all black Emperor penguin. The unusual color is due to a mutation.

  • The divers swam with the great white shark in the world. They are told how to behave when meeting with a sea monster.

  • In the South-East of Angola have discovered a new species of spiders-tarantulas with a mysterious soft horn on the back. Now scientists are trying to understand what is the function of the horn.

  • On the protected beach in the state of California found a dead fish-a liar with a length of two meters and weighing nearly 300 pounds. It is similar to the smaller lunar (or solar) fish Mola Mola and for years, scientists have allocated it in a separate view.