Video Italy driver-migrant hijacked and burned a bus with studentsPhotos:

47-year-old native of Senegal Usain su took the bus with 51 student

20.03.19 65900

Italian law enforcers detained the driver who intentionally set fire to a school bus, which was carrying more than 50 children on the tour. On it informs Agency ANSA.

The incident occurred on the morning of March 20, near Milan.

Noted, the 47-year-old native of Senegal Usain su took the bus 51 with a schoolboy in a secondary school of the municipality of the Cream and said he wants to commit suicide.

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In the end, he stopped the car, kicked the kids, doused the seat with fuel and ignited. The act Usain said the protest against the death of migrants trying to get from Africa to Europe across the Mediterranean.

“I wanted to stop it, death in the Mediterranean must stop,” said pyro.

In the result of incident 12 children and two adults were poisoned by smoke and was hospitalized. On the scene arrived, a helicopter, 11 ambulance, fire and police.

As previously reported by the Focus:

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  • In March on Severo-the East of Mexico, the criminals attacked a passenger bus, abducting 19 people.