Photo terrorist Attack in münster: the truck was driven by people with a mental illnessPhoto: dpa

Police looking for possible accomplices

07.04.18 33100

The van driver who deliberately made arrival on the people in the German city of münster, had suicidal tendencies.

It is reported by DW with reference to the newspaper Rheinische Post.

“According to the newspaper Rheinische Post, to the tragedy was known about the suicidal tendencies of a person who is alleged to have carried out the attack”, – stated in the message.

The alleged offender, a mentally ill 49-year-old German, his apartment is searched, further informed the media. The dpa news Agency, citing an unnamed source also said that the alleged perpetrator was a mentally ill person.

Nach SPIEGEL-Informationen handelt es sich um den Täter beim 48-jährigen Deutschen aus Jens R. #Münster, der in der Vergangenheit schon einmal psychisch auffällig war. Die Polizei durchsucht derzeit seine Wohnung.


In connection with the planned on the same day a demonstration of Kurds in the centre of münster at the time of the incident there were a large number of policemen, said the representative of the local police. The demonstration was scheduled for 16.30, at about this time an incident occurred in front of the restaurant. There is no information about whether there was any connection between the attack and Kurdish demonstration, said a police spokesman.

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The Federal President of Germany Frank-Walter Steinmeier has called the incident a “severe violent crime” and expressed condolences to the families of the victims. “In these hours my thoughts are with the victims and their loved ones. My deepest condolences to all who lost a loved one,” he said, also thanking “all those in the service of law enforcement and rescue services”.

We will remind, on Saturday, April 7 at Munster truck and a van crashed into a group of people sitting at the tables in front of the restaurant Kiepenkerl on the main street of the old part of the city. The scene cordoned off, there was a major operation. The incident killed at least four people and injured 20 people.