Students of the Odessa region will be taught on the Internet.

In Odessa region the first in Ukraine network of salons of distance education. The project “Teacher +” was presented by the Chairman of the Odessa regional state administration Maxim Stepanov.

“This is a unique educational program, which is unique in Ukraine. We are creating a network of remote education, which can bring the best teachers to rural schools and personally to each student. If necessary, children will gain knowledge online,” said Maxim Stepanov.

He added that the major will focus on schools where there is shortage of staff. Therefore, in the region has already purchased 100 remote offices. They will be interactive panel, projector and computers. Each student will have their own username and password. And the lesson will hold the best teachers from Odessa. You on how to work with the material, ask the teacher.

“These technologies embody the dreams of our children, and knowledge becomes available to everyone. We are starting now and throughout the year will completely modify the whole system, ” – said the Governor of the Odessa region.

Stepanov said that the participants of the “teachers” were 60 teachers. Among them the famous Odessa physicist Paul Victor – teacher, who has 200,000 subscribers on his own Youtube channel.

The first “Teacher +” test students in 7 districts of the Odessa region, and subsequently to use the project, any school or student in the region.

As emphasized in the Odessa regional state administration, the introduction of new technologies in education is one of the priorities of the Strategic plan of action Maxim Stepanov “Smart region”.