“According to preliminary data, the accident injured one man who appealed for medical assistance.
In a ditch drove the bus with the message “Odessa-Kiev” / photo: Azpelicueta in Odessa region on the highway Kyiv-Odessa from-for ice and fog, an accident involving more than 10 vehicles.

As reported the UNIAN in Department of communications Department of National police in the Odessa region, on a long descent near the village of Znamenka Ivanovo district, in connection with difficult weather conditions (fog, ice), there was a collision between a truck and a car “Tavriya”.

photo: Netpolice

It is noted that in trying to avoid collision with the two cars in the ditch moved down the bus service “Odessa-Kiev”, in which salon there were more than 20 passengers. In addition, participants of the accident were still a few cars received mechanical damages.

“According to preliminary data, the accident injured one man who appealed for medical assistance. Victims are not present”, – reported in the Chapter.

photo: Netpolice

Read cachepot Kiev overturned minibus-eight victims (photos)Now on the scene working police officers, employees of gschs and an Oblavtodor, providing drainage transport and restore traffic on the stretch of road.

The circumstances of the traffic accident being investigated.

As reported the UNIAN in a press-service of head Department gschs in the area 7.13 in service of rescue “101” the message arrived that on the 405 km of motorway Kiev-Odessa, has occurred dorozhno-transport incident.

On arrival to a call place the first fire-rescue units it was found that due to ice bus swerved off the road and overturned on its side. In the bus there were 24 persons injured no. At the scene arrived back bus carrier for further transportation of passengers in Kyiv. Rescuers are taking measures to ensure unimpeded vehicle movement on the difficult highway.