Honored trainer of the USSR in figure skating Tatiana Tarasova said, why not return to coaching.

  • RIA Novosti

According to her, the main reason is lack of the rink for training. Also, she has received no job offers from the sports Ministry and the Olympic Committee of Russia (OKR).

“No one hears me. The desire is there, but the strength is smaller every year”, — quotes RBC Tarasov.

However, she admitted that a couple of times a year, flying in the USA, where he holds classes.

“Come my friends to the skating rink. I’m in the US I go when I have free time, one or two times a year for two weeks or ten days. I’m going on their own”, — said Tarasov.

Informed Tarasov expressed confidence that the skater Alina Sagitova will not return to the Olympic team.