The terrorist attack in New Seleniumide 18+ stream of the terrorist who shot people in the mosque of New Zealand, appeared in the Networkvideo Screenshot

The death toll has risen to 49 people

15.03.19 219100

At the moment, there are already about 49 of those killed in the terrorist attack in the mosque of New Zealand. About it reports The Guardian.

In addition, there was a video stream that led the assailant. He also wrote a Manifesto on page 74 that the incident is a terrorist act.

The terrorist explained that he had arranged the massacre in the mosque, as had the anti-Islamic motivation.

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First, a gunman shot the men and then moved to the female part.


Also, the Network appeared information about the fact that a few hours before the terrorist act, the 4chan user wrote the address where he announced that he would commit the attack against the “invaders” with stream in Facebook.

He shot and aired a 17-minute live on the social network Facebook how shot the victims. Videos from social networks quickly deleted.

In his Manifesto the man was described a white Paradise without taxes and cheap labor.

As previously reported by the Focus:

  • The Prime Minister of New Zealand Jacinda Ardern on 15 March called “one of the darkest days in the history of the country.”
  • Victims of a car bomb in Mogadishu (Somalia) were at least 25 people.
  • After the tragedy with a tourist bus in Egypt conducted a sweep of the terrorists.