Contracts with tenants plan to sign until the end of the year. It is expected that the city budget will receive from this initiative 15-16 million.
Almost all the urban beaches of the city will lease to private companies / photos uniinvest of Odessa intend to give almost all city beaches to private entities.

As UNIAN correspondent, about this yesterday at the briefing said the Deputy head of the legal Department of the Department of municipal property of the Odessa city Council Valery Mikulenka.

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According to him, before the end of this year, all artificial beaches in the city, will rent. In particular, it concerns areas from longeron to 16-th station of Big Fountain.

“To improve the comfort of the population and tourists on the territory of the beaches of Odessa, it is planned to lease all the artificial beaches”, – said Mikulenka, adding that there are additional agreements to the existing agreements with beach tenants.

According to the Deputy head of Department of engineering protection of the city and waterfront of the city Council Vitaly Parfyonov, the area of artificial beaches are more than 212 thousand square meters, and the rent is currently about half (98 thousand square metres).

He noted that in 2017, the city budget from the lease of beaches received UAH 8.3 million in 2018 – 11 million UAH, in 2019 is expected to 15-16 million.

Reference to UNIAN. The total shoreline length of Odessa — 30 km, the Length of the beaches from the black sea to the Kryzhanivka (opposite the suburbs of Odessa) — about 20 km, the area — 42,65 hectares, including 23,7 ha of artificial beaches built in the framework of the fight against landslides. Natural beaches are located only in areas Luzanovka and Chernomorka.