Steinmeier: Russia is not the enemyFrank-Walter Steinmeier / Photo: Getty Images

German President calls on Western countries not to succumb to the “apocalyptic sentiment” in relations with Russia

15.04.18 275000

The President of Germany Frank-Walter Steinmeier expressed concern with the current “rampant alienation” in relations between Russia and the West. He told this in an interview with Bild am Sonntag, reports DW.

According to him, today there are practically no “Foundation of trust” between Russia and the West. However, despite the fact that now Russia is a “difficult” neighbour, the Western countries do not allow the domination of “apocalyptic sentiment” in relations with Russia.

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“Regardless of Putin, we should not declare the whole of Russia, the country and the people, enemies”, – said the President of Germany.

Steinmeier added that the need to constantly point the Kremlin of the consequences of its actions on European-Russian relations and the EU should try to convince the Russian government by “direct dialogue” by diplomatic means.

We will remind, on 8 April it became known about the death of at least 70 people in a chemical attack in the Duma (Syria). While the Syrian government has described the allegations of chemical attack was fabricated. The position of Damascus at the international level, supported by the Russian Federation, which regularly blocks the resolution of the UN security Council on the situation in Syria.

11 April President Donald trump has announced its intention to launch a missile attack on Syria, adding that at this stage of relations between the US and Russia is worse than during the cold war.

14 APR United States, France and Britain launched a missile strike on targets in Syria related to the production and use of chemical weapons. In turn, Russia promised to avenge the attacks on Syria.