The Governor of Moscow region Andrei Vorobyov, the TV channel “Russia 1” has evaluated the possibility of opening shopping centers in the region.

  • © Alexey Filippov
  • RIA Novosti

He said that the index of the spread of coronavirus infection COVID-19 in the suburbs is “the fact of 0.89, that is 0.95”.

“To say that he fell radically, we can’t. We wanted to open shopping malls, we wanted something else to add to that a dose of relief that we made, but I can’t. The chief sanitary doctor (the Moscow region. — RT), our experts say it’s early,” — said Vorobyov.

Answering the question about what the rules are for parishioners in the churches of the region, he said that “there are strict guidelines of the chief sanitary doctor and they should be respected, of course, the distance must be.”

Sparrows previously reported that the stabilization of the situation with the spread of coronavirus infection in the Moscow region remains “very shaky”.