The evening of 26 may, the Russian TV presenter Vladimir Solovyov
broadcast your own transmission, the frame of which he published in his Telegram,
emotionally reacted to a question of the journalist of the UNIAN Roman Tsimbalyuk,
addressed to the press Secretary of the Russian President, reports Диалог.UA.

“Some sort of regular journalistic… do not want to use
accurate term, asks the press Secretary of Russian President Dmitry Peskov: this
however, what is called in some programs Zelensky a Nazi? This position
the Russian leadership? No, this is my personal position, my, Vladimir Solovyov. And
if you’re in União can’t understand it, I’ll personally explain”, – increased
tone commented Soloviev.

He said that the Ukrainian journalists working in Russia
no problem, but their Russian counterparts in Ukraine were allegedly subject
persecution, harassment and even torture.

“We love the Ukrainian people, we hate the Nazis. And those
the Nazis, who came to power and began persecution against the scum,
that turned the Maidan into a bloodbath…And don’t call yourself a journalist. You
propagandist of the Nazi machine,” blurted the host.

Roman Tsymbalyuk replied to the attack Solovyov children’s joke:

We will remind, recently, Vladimir Solovyov received from Dmitry Gordon’s invitation for an interview. Known for his anti-Ukrainian statements the presenter responded with a sharp refusal, going to personal insults to colleagues.

Gordon admitted that sooner or later over the Russian criminals will be held, the Tribunal and the role of Solovyov, who was involved in the occupation of Ukrainian territory and inciting hatred, will be appreciated.