Between the Russian promoters Vladimir Solovyov
Ukrainian TV presenter Dmitry Gordon’s ongoing public conflict: on the eve
Soloviev struck with a new series of insults Gordon live
its program “nightingales live”.

The nightingales burst into a series of harsh statements and called
Ukrainian journalist “remnants of Bandera creature, the usual
illiterate crook, ringing pettiness, mediocrity
professional and gruppenführer SBU”.

While Gordon immediately after the publication of the video Solovyov
replied on your YouTube channel by offensive statements.

“Vova, silently, I hear you! Quiet!”
laughing, Gordon said in response to the response Solovyov.

Gordon in an ironic manner noted that Solovyov
there are problems of a psychological nature, and hinted at abuse
alcohol from the Russian propagandist.

Earlier Solovyov said Gordon about the interview.

We also talked about how back in 2008, the nightingales sang with the choir of the Russian military about the need to shut off the gas to Ukraine.