Rotaru in 2018 will not appear neither in “Song of the year” nor in the “Golden gramophone”
Rotaru will not go on “Song of the year” /

The legendary singer Sofia Rotaru, who recently spooked fans with his state of health, has cancelled his performance on “Song of the year” in Russia.

Artist for the first time not called for the award, which was attended by 43 times, stated in “Breakfast with 1+1”.

Also information was confirmed by the son of Sophia Mikhailovna Ruslan Evdokimenko, which in a private message to Ruslan Senichkin noted that rotary is not the first time we visited the “Song of the year”.

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Concert Director people’s artist Igor Kurilov said that the refusal of the singer to tour in Russia is connected with a sharp aggravation of Russian-Ukrainian relations and the military situation in Ukraine.

“Well why not? First, health. Second, you know what events are happening between Ukraine and Russia. The borders are closed, the military situation”, – quotes the words Kurileva FAN.

As noted by the representative of the singer, Rotaru in 2018 will not appear neither in “Song of the year” nor in the “Golden gramophone”. In addition, the singer refused to speak at corporate events in Russia.


As previously reported, the Russians did not like the fact that the singer Sofia Rotaru due to the introduction in Ukraine of martial law refused to go to the concert “song of the year” in Moscow.