“Rostec” for the third time asks to postpone the introduction of the units.
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Rostec could not previously defined the term to take the plant in the annexed Crimea, the construction of which has already been spent 71 billion rubles (1.07 billion dollars), and the third time proposed to postpone their launch.

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It is reported with reference to the Deputy Minister of energy of the Russian Federation Andrey Tcherezov.

Rostec has asked the energy Ministry to postpone the launch of two power plants in the occupied Crimea – “Taurian” and “Balaklava” thermal power plants in Simferopol and Sevastopol, respectively.

The first blocks of both stations launched late in the month and they are in commissioning.

According to recent reports, two units of the Crimean power plants can be run until March 2019, when they had to work with March 2018.

“Rostec” for the third time asks to postpone the introduction of the units. First time run fell through due to “problems with generating equipment.”

The structure of Rostec bought German Siemens gas turbine (Russian turbines such great power does not exist), hoping that the sanctions against the Crimea will be canceled. Delivery was delayed, rostec tried to change supplier but couldn’t, and eventually mounted in the occupied Crimea Siemens turbine, which caused an international scandal and a new wave of sanctions against Russia, the German company announced the termination of cooperation with Russian state companies.

The second time (in June) start the units also failed due to the fact that, allegedly, the contractors did not build the gas taps and network for new power plants.

In April the Arbitration court of appeal the Russian Federation upheld the decision of Arbitration court of Moscow and dismissed the claim of the Siemens subsidiary to the structures of the state Corporation “rostec” in the case of the illegal transport of German turbines in the annexed Crimea.

In December, the Moscow Arbitration court dismissed the claim of the German company Siemens to its Russian partner “Technopromexport”. The group demanded the return of the turbines, which were sent to the occupied Crimea in circumvention of EU sanctions.

German company Siemens has announced that it is set to Russian “Technopromexport” four gas turbines, which, according to the contract, should be the new thermal power plant in Taman.