A revolutionary system of intelligent cooking Tovala Smart Oven is a reasonable alternative to home food. Perfect for those who love healthy food (but doesn’t enjoy the cooking process), and will review its relationship with cooking.

For the operation of the furnace must be connected to wifi and also download a special application. Tovala Smart Oven works with a set of ingredients that supplies network Fresh Meal Delivery. It is necessary to give Tovala Smart Oven, scan one of the cards with the recipe that goes along with the set, and she’ll cook mentioned in her dish. The ingredients you need to put it in the oven and can go about their business, while smart oven works wonders. Typically, the process takes less than 20 minutes.

Oven not only works with recipes from Fresh Meal Delivery, but also is capable of scanning more than 650 types of products from brands Scan-to-Cook. If you know how long it takes for cooking a type of food (e.g., pizza), you can get a hot meal quite restaurant quality. Tovala Smart Oven is equipped with five built-in cooking modes that allow you to collect their own meals from ingredients you have at home.

The cost of Tovala Smart Oven at the moment is almost $ 350, but the early enthusiasts can get it for only 233 dollars.

Source — Tovala