To the extent that, as more and more people are in the mode of self-isolation because of the pandemic coronavirus, the business offers new options useful pastime. One of them is a smart mirror Forme Life with built-in workouts, designed by renowned industrial designer Yves Behar.

Forme Life has a hidden system to the motor, which creates the necessary resistance to perform a variety of strength exercises.

Forme Life will come with a heart rate monitor and straps for the ankles to expand the number of available exercises. Connected to the device training system offers a range of ready-made exercises, and the machine automatically adjusts the load in accordance with the physical layer of the user.

With the Forme Life is to build muscle, develop stamina, burn fat and to train with their own weight, to practice yoga, and Barre (a system of exercise based on a combination of ballet and strength exercises as well as Pilates and yoga – ed. ed. However, it’s unclear whether the screen displayed a real remote instructor who can help in the process of training.

Home sales Forme Life is expected by the fall of 2020 at the price of 5811 dollars. The manufacturer suggests to break up this very impressive sum for 39 monthly payments of $ 149.
Source — Forme Life