On Kickstarter there’s a new crowdfunding campaign, which for 1599 Euro offers you become the owner of a smart mirror Mirror, the One with contactless technology management. The beginning of deliveries to Europe is expected in January 2021.

At first glance, Mirror One looks like a normal stylish wall mirror. But if to approach him – activated the motion sensors and the mirror comes to life. Its main task is to give you a small set of essential daily information like the weather outside the window, calendar entries and status of road traffic. But the main feature is the control technology without touching “WunderTouch”, which allows you to get away from the mirror all the necessary data without leaving smudges or fingerprints.

Basic functionality Mirror One

  • An ordinary mirror in the first place, One Mirror is a quality mirror with high reflectivity;
  • Full screen display – during the activation of the mirror turns into a big 42-inch screen. Every inch of him can be used to display content;
  • Tracking movements of the hand – the already mentioned system “WunderTouch” on the basis of the volumetric infrared sensor Intel RealSense, which allows access to all functions of the digital mirror, but does not leave any prints on it anywhere;
  • Customizable interface – Mirror uses One specifically designed for it’s user interface. It is optimized for displaying diverse information on a single screen and includes the functions of smart home control. For example, One Mirror may show the charge level of the network-connected home electric vehicle or tell where in the apartment burning on the bulb.

The Mirror One is great to synchronize the calendars of all family members. The mirror displays them side by side, and the large screen gives plenty of space for manipulation. The mirror interface is easily customizable – it is possible to remove all the unnecessary widgets, or Vice versa, to make them more detailed and specific. In the future the developers plan to add the Mirror One a lot of extra features: management of players, lists of scheduled events, the bus schedule, the ability to call a taxi and others.

Some details about the mirror:
Dimensions Mirror One – 98х58 cm, weight – 16 kg;
Frame varnishing natural wood from Germany;
Screen – 42-inch LCD display with a resolution of 1080×1920 pixels;
Interfaces – 2.4/5 GHz Wi-Fi and Bluetooth;
The food – from the adapter of 120 watts.

Source — Kickstarter