Russia will face even more severe sanctions USA, which will finally give way and so firmly standing on the feet of the Russian economy. Sure of the famous financier Slava Rabinovich.

Rabinovich in his column on the “Explorer” described a bleak future for Russia under Western sanctions, reports “Диалог.UA”.

If the American laws on sanctions against Russia are approved, then the only case where they won’t become law is if the President, Donald trump will veto it. But he won’t do it, because the results of the vote on the bills absolutely unique: the vast majority of American legislators from both parties support them. Accordingly, there is no chance for a veto trump. Because in the United States, all branches of government are strictly separated and are independent, then there is a mechanism in which one, in this case the legislative (the Congress), requires the Executive: the President, the Ministry of Finance, the national security Agency to carry out the law.

The texts of these laws set strict time limits, and after not a very long time, the American Administration, i.e. the Executive power, shall submit a report and the report, for example, about Putin’s wealth. This is done because it can’t be done. I must say that the Russian official propaganda in the face of such members OPG Putin as Sands and Lavrov, these bills calls anti-Russian. But the reality has nothing to do with their opinions. It’s not anti-Russian sanctions, but on the contrary, laws protecting the interests of both Russia and its citizens.

From this point of view it is impossible to associate with the Russian criminal Putin regime, organized in an organized criminal group which illegally seized and continues to illegally usurp power. Long, medium and short-term interests of Russia do not coincide with the interests of the criminal group and had nothing to say about the anti-Russian American bills. They are anti-Putin and is directed against the criminal gang of criminals who seized and usurped power.

The Russian economy is not particularly responded to the message about sanctions. The restrictions that were imposed for many years, landed her in a viscous puddle. Dollar GDP halved, the ruble, too, and the so-called economic “growth” is or strictly negative, or slabootritsatelnyh, or around zero. Ie in Russia came hard with the recession followed by stagnation.

So, after a hard fall in 14-15 years , the Russian economy is in terrible viscous stagnation and stagnation. Half of the state-owned banks already under various sanctions. There were only those measures that we all know and which can be applied to the Russian financial system in case, if Russia moved to Annex more Ukrainian territory or would impose conditional conditional tanks in Minsk. Or even abruptly – in any conventional Budapest.

Accordingly, off SWIFT, the ban on payments in dollars, the embargo on Russian energy is a measure that can be applied in the case of military force and a hybrid of sabotage against the rest of the world. If the current status quo of sanctions will gradually increase different viscous action. Also increased the pressure on Putin’s entourage and the continued increase in personal sanctions.

We will remind, earlier “Диалог.UA” reported that Borovoy explained how “hellish” the U.S. sanctions will slowly drown Russia, Putin and his entourage. The Kremlin has been afraid of.