Re tropical cyclone “IDI” Africa: in Mozambique killed 21 people, injured 300

Photo: Vaibhav Kunnummal /

Tropical cyclone “IDI” which once again hit Mozambique, March 14-15, claimed the lives of at least 21 people, more than 300 were injured. It was his second landfall: the first time it has led to severe flooding, which, according to the UN on March 12, in the country killed 15 people. The total number of victims of the disaster since the beginning of the rainy season (October 2018) has risen to 87, according to Stormnews with a link to the portal @Verdade.

Re the cyclone occurred in the province of Sofala and Manica. Strong winds damaged a number of houses, and heavy rains led to new extensive flooding. In the affected areas have no electricity, no communication and the Internet. It is possible that the number of victims can increase.

The effects of the disaster in the city of Beira:

Currently, “IDI” lost strength, bringing torrential rains in Zimbabwe. In Manicaland province affected by flooding, which was destroyed some houses. Huge damage was caused to local farmers survived the drought the crop was destroyed by water, reports The Chronicle.

Heavy precipitation continued in the provinces of Masvingo, Matabeleland South, Midlands and Mashonaland East. Information about victims did not arrive yet.

Recall that the “IDI”, being a tropical depression, brought on March 5, torrential rains in Malawi, which led to catastrophic flooding. According to 13 of March, in the country killed 56 people, three more were missing. Injured 577 people. From the disaster suffered 923 thousand.