The message of Taras Berezovets has caused a real storm of indignation in the comments.
The French Ambassador responded to the “joke” Berezovka / photo

The Ambassador of France in Ukraine Ms. Dumont responded to a bad joke, political consultant, and presenter of the channel “Direct” Taras Berezovets regarding the “causes” of the fire in the Cathedral of Notre Dame.

The diplomat responded on his Twitter page.

“Shame on you!? Shame,” she wrote.

Shame on you !? Shame. @PavloKlimkin@MFA_Ukraine

— Isabelle Dumont (@isabelledumont) April 15, 2019.

As UNIAN reported earlier, the political strategist Taras Berezovets, who openly supports Poroshenko during a election campaign, “joked” on his Facebook page that the fire in the Cathedral of Notre Dame occurred due to the recent visit of Vladimir Zelensky in Paris.

“In General, the Macron was very lucky that after the arrival Zelensky burned only the Notre Dame Cathedral. And could the Elysee Palace to break”, – he wrote.

The message sparked a flurry of indignation in the comments. Spin doctor called swear words, his post was called “stupid”.

At the same time, he Berezovets in the comments rebuked the readers that they are “too serious” and “just don’t know humor Charlie Hebdo”.