A French magazine has published a video of a fire inside the Cathedral Notre Dame de Paris

KIEV. April 16. UNN. French Agency Line Press has published on his Twitter page a video which shows what happens inside the building Notre Dame de Paris during a fire, reports UNN.

The footage — emergency personnel enter the building. Visible the cross. Top the sparks. It is known that as a result of incident one firefighter was seriously injured. This was stated by the commander of the Paris fire brigade Jean-Claude Galle.

The newspaper Le Monde also publishes on its website a photo of a burning Cathedral from the height of bird flight. The image has no spire, and partially collapsed roof. The newspaper La Croix, in turn, on Twitter showed a photo of the Cathedral during the fire, which was made of the drone and transferred to the fire Department. It is also noticeably fallen off the roof and partially collapsed structures.

Also a photo of a burning Cathedral on its website showed the newspaper Le Figaro. In the image, which was in his possession, Notre Dame also captured from the height of the drone. Much like inside the fire covered almost the entire building.


— LINE PRESS (@LinePress) April 15, 2019.

Une nacelle des pompiers commence à explorer la façade. Emmanuel Macron est attendu. #Notredramedeparis #notredame pic.twitter.com/kke9LcQf9Q

— Pierre Bouvier (@pibzedog) April 15, 2019.

The fire in the Cathedral of Notre Dame began the evening of April 15. The accident injured one firefighter, he was seriously injured. Relics of Notre Dame, according to his representatives, was able to save. Also from the fire rescuers retained the basic structure of the building. Nonetheless collapsed two-thirds of the roof and fell down the spire.

I should add that the President of Emmanuel Macron promised to the people of France who suffered in the fire of the Notre Dame Cathedral will be restored.