Ninebot, the parent company of Segway, was intrigued by media report on preparation of set of parts, with which it will be possible to quickly assemble the cards, using as a basis the classic Segway. Several promotional shots of what happens in the end, the company posted to the social network Weibo.

To turn the typical Segway into a kind of a map is technically not too difficult. Most promising for such modding is the model of Segway miniPRO. The images from Weibo shows that attached to the scooter rear wheel, classic steering wheel control, bumper and a special seat. Apparently, it is adjustable to suit the height of the driver and is suitable for both adults and children.

Sources inside the company say that the official presentation of the kit for the alteration of the Segway in cards can be held on July 24 in Los Angeles. That is, just over a month before the show e-Drift skates W1 at IFA in Berlin in 2018. Formally they are completely different products, and in addition from different manufacturers, in fact – and then, and then adult toys, products for leisure trips created in one commercial entity.

Source — Abacus News