The first batch of well-publicized flame-throwers from Elon musk sold in record time, and many fans of adult toys complain that they got nothing. Not a problem – a desperate magician Jairus, author of YouTube-channel “Jairus of All”, offers a cheaper and much more effective option. His offspring without false modesty, called “gun fire hurricane”.

The car looks huge, but its design is extremely simple – especially Jiras posted on its website a list of components, half of which relates to children’s toys and home accessories. When the flamethrower propane crossbody cylinders is fed through a tube to the nozzle, ignited, and blown out by means of two speed fans.

Through the use of fans, flame swells up very much, so the flamethrower, it doesn’t show a jet of fire, namely, fire vortex thick almost from the hand. And to manage this edifice using only one hand, but that’s about to burn a zombie, it’s unlikely. Is thrown out so as not agneses, and the range of the flamethrower symbolic. It is best suited for the fire show, provided that the submission really need that kind of fire power.

Source — The Awesomer